We service the Seven Maryland area with landscaping services from design and grass cutting to complete property management services for residential, commercial and HOAs. If you are looking for great service from a professional landscaper, licensed and insured to bring you dependable results we’re ready to serve.  Please enjoy these articles on just a few of our landscaping services for the Severn Maryland area.  (410) 216-7825

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November – Lawn Care & Landscapers Severn MD

Fall Cleanup, Leaf Raking Sticks and Limbs

As landscapers in Severn Maryland we get several questions about leaf raking.  While the time consuming chore of blowing leaves and gathering them up to keep them ruining the lawn we have learned from improving processes.  Lawn mower blades can be ruined from hitting the things lurking below the cover of leaves.  Too many times in the fall tree limbs, sticks and roots are hidden and then impacted while trying to get in the last grass cutting.  We can help save your time and money with trusted Landscapers in Severn Maryland.

Sticks and fallen limbs can be a chore when you don’t have the right equipment and staff.  What seems like a simple chore can turn into an afternoon of waste.  With proper tree and shrub care you can avoid a lot of wasted time.  The storms in Severn during the month of November can bring down dead limbs as well as entire trees.

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Lawn care in Severn is important in the fall to make the winter and spring go smoothly.  When leaves are left over the winter you can expect bare spots and brown patches in the spring.  Muddy shoes and a lot of landscape work awaits you in the spring when leaves are left undone.  Give us a call for a Free Estimate on landscaping in Severn MD. (410) 216-7825


October – Lawn Care & Landscapers Severn MD

Ready for Fall Cleanup, Irrigation Winterized?

Irrigation systems are being used less during October, you can even plan for irrigation winterization by our landscapers in Severn MD.  We have decades of combined experience to winterize your Severn irrigation system.  Our licensed, insured, professional landscapers can also help with leaf raking for the residential and more powerful commercial leaf vacuum for businesses and commercial properties in Severn Maryland.  When it comes to lawn care we excel.  Fall colors can look great in October and fall projects like landscape lighting can extend the time your friends and family can enjoy the outdoors.

Leaf Raking service in Severn MD

This is a good time to get on the schedule for fall cleanup of the leaves, sticks and branches that litter your lawn and landscape.  It’s also a great time for landscape design in Severn, MD.  If you have bought a home or are simply ready to update your property, or business front we can help with a stunning landscape design plan.  Give us a call for all your lawn care and landscapers needs in Severn, Maryland.  Let’s start on the right foot with a Free Estimate: (410) 216-7825

September – Lawn Care & Landscapers Severn MD

Ready for Fall Cleanup, Aerations, Fertilizing & Seeding?

Severn Landscapers have timing on their mind so that we all get a huge benefit from the Fall season.  When local expertise is used along with real world testing of seeds, aeration and fertilization you can get some powerful results.  Greener grass, healthier trees and shrubs bio-swales, flower beds and deeper roots are all a real possibility in Severn Maryland.  Timing and experience is important this time of year.  Planning for the right time to execute seeding and fertilizing can make a large difference between wasted effort and amazing results.  Our decades of combined experience in landscaping Severn allows to refine our processes and bring you real world results.

Severn Landscapers flower beds

We stand behind our work from beginning to end with Free Estimates and ongoing process improvements.  Our yearly testing allows us to bring you greater results for your lawn care and landscaping in Severn MD.   Call now to get on the schedule for Aeration, Fertilizing and Seeding (410) 216-7825

August – Lawn Care & Landscapers Severn MD

Storm Damage Cleanup, Erosion Control, Flowering Colors

As we landscape in Severn Maryland we get to help not only with cutting grass, hardscaping and design but also erosion control and storm damage cleanup.  With heavy rains in July and now August many homes, commercial properties and businesses have had issues with flooding and need help with erosion control and grading.  Re-grading can help with flood control.

Severn MD Flood Damage


Severn Flood ControlWhile the floods from heavy rainfall can damage they can also bring plentiful water to flower and plant beds.  We can help to design landscaping, landscape lighting, hardscaping and provide maintenance to keep your space looking great.  If you are looking to make a first impression which will last, or help with Erosion control and Grading then give us a call.  We’re licensed, bonded, insured and experienced Landscapers in Severn Maryland.

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Let’s get Acquainted with a Free Estimate: (410) 216-7825


July – Lawn Care & Landscapers Severn MD

Grass Mowing & Colorful Plant Gardens

Landscapers in Severn have a unique view of the month of July. We get to see those proven results from lawn care projects including proper grass cutting and irrigation systems which can help to keep grass healthy and green when the dry days of July are here. Saving water with an irrigation system and regulating the amount of water so that roots are encouraged to grow deep is a smart investment. Landscapers near Severn

Severn Plant beds are seeing a great variety of colors. Brilliant reds from exotics and the variations of greens in hostas and “elephant ears” can keep your curb appeal high and your neighbors asking questions about “How do you do it?” The yellows and oranges in tiger lilies and other flowering plants work well in the heat of July when properly serviced. Lawn care involving mulch helps to keep weeds at bay and holds moisture longer than open soil. Standard Mulch will also help to stop mild erosion, while stone applications many be needed to keep most intense erosion issues from occurring.

Flower bed lawn care Severn MD

No need to worry about the details when it comes to landscaping and lawn care in Severn Maryland when you are working with us. We have the decades of experience, staff with ongoing training and the right equipment to keep your home, business, commercial property of HOA space looking great. Save your evenings and weekends for the things you love and leave the landscaping to us. How about we start with a Free Estimate for your landscaping in Severn Maryland.  Free Estimate: (410) 216-7825

June – Lawn Care & Landscapers Severn MD

Landscaping for Color

You may notice our Laser Cut, Severn landscapers working creatively in your neighborhoods.  Artistic colors chosen to make your flower and plant beds pop up to make a lasting first impression.  We enjoy working with your design ideas to make a long lasting change.  A peaceful place to rest, enjoy a cup of morning coffee or evening beverage with color and scents of blossoming flower is well worth the effort.  We’re glad to come in and work on your every week needs like grass mowing, edging, trimming and when needed fertilizing, aerating and seeding.  From a single home to HOA to commercial property we can help with all your landscaping needs.

Severn Landscapers for Lawn Care

Whether you prefer local plants and hearty flower beds or something more tropical, taller, broad leaf and brilliant colors that humming birds love we can help.  Affordable landscaping services allow you to spend your time on hobbies, family and health rather then trips to the gas station for gas and oil.  Give us a call and we’ll get on the ball with a Free Estimate (410) 216-7825.

Late May – Lawn Care & Landscapers Severn MD

Landscaping for Commercial Property

Sometimes it can be hard enough to manage your own successful lawn at home without having to also deal with keeping your business or commercial property looking great too. Work with our Severn landscapers to make things a little easier and looking great. After a rough winter and dry spring you may find that your company’s lawn is looking a little sparse, with areas that have room for improvement. That’s where we step in. With our combination grass mowing, aerating, seeding, and fertilizing we can help to encourage better grass growth and fill in the areas that needed a little extra help. This trifecta packs a big punch and can be just what a lawn needs to start looking its best. Our turf restoration is a great way to head into the summer months with a green lawn that will be sure to impress everyone that walks by your office building and decide to stop in. Best Grass mowers Severn MD

While summer may seem like a long time away, it’s never too early to consider your options and start planning, that way, when the time comes, you’ll already have things squared away. Part of that plan of action should also cover how you’re going to take care of the grass once it starts to grow. We’ve got the answer for that too- it’s our Severn landscapers. We offer Severn groundskeeping services and can work with you to decide on the best plan for your company, covering the frequency of appointments and the tasks you’d like us to complete. We’ve been doing this work since 2001, so there’s no one better for the job. Over the years we have mastered our skills and acquired the perfect equipment for each job, meaning we can perform each task properly and efficiently. The property surrounding your landscape will be apart of people’s initial impressions of your business, what kind of statement is it making? Make sure it looks healthy and vibrant by working with our Severn landscapers. Free Estimates: (410) 216-7825.

Lawn Care & Landscapers Severn MD – Early May

Landscaping for Green Grass Curb Appeal

You can’t have great curb appeal without a green, healthy lawn. Luckily, with the help of our landscapers in Severn it couldn’t be easier. After 17 years of being in the landscaping business, you could say our crew members know a thing or two about what it takes to get a yard looking its best. While there’s many tasks that go into making a lawn look lush, three important ones are aerating, fertilizing, and seeding. These three things work together to make a big impact on the future health of your yard, which is why we suggest that every homeowner considers asking on of our crew members about this service.Best Landscapers Severn MD

The first step our Severn landscapers will take is listening to your ideas and needs, then we’ll move on to steps like seeding, fertilizing & aerating. This helps to make the years of service and great looking lawns more effective. Aerating creates tiny pathways that give nutrients direct access to the lawn’s roots, making their jobs easier. After aerating, we’ll follow up with an application of fertilizer. This will give grass an extra boost, helping it to grow strong and healthy. Finally, spreading seed will help to create a full lawn. We can make sure to plant in areas that are sparse and could use some more attention, so that you end up with a nice, even yard. Every home needs a great looking lawn and we can help do that just that. Consult with a Severn landscaper today for a free estimate on your latest outdoor project. (410) 216-7825.

Lawn Care & Landscapers Severn MD – April

Landscaping for Trees and Shrubs

So you have a storefront for your business, what’s next? Work with our Severn landscapers to design a landscape that is sure to catch customers’ attention, drawing them into the store. Whether you’re looking for extravagance or something that’s more minimalist, we can draft a design that will be reflective of your business’s taste. After the planning, we will handle all of the planting, installing, and maintaining, like grass cutting, edging, weeding, tree and shrub care. We’ve created landscapes for home and business owners all across Anne Arundel and Howard county, so don’t fret, we’ll be able to take care of yours too. We’ve worked with many different sized properties and are confident we can execute the design that best fits what you’re looking for.

After our Severn landscapers have finished the set up of your new property design we suggest taking a moment to think about the future. You’ll have experienced our workmanship and dependability first hand, so why not keep the trusted partnership going? To make sure your landscape is receiving the best care use our groundskeeping service. We will ensure that your property is well maintained and looks just as good now as the day we first set everything up. From the installation to he future care, our Severn landscapers have you and your business covered. Call today to get a Free Estimate on your potential landscape design. (410) 216-7825.Severn Maryland Landscapers and Lawn Care

Lawn Care & Landscapers Severn MD – March

Landscaping for Trees and Shrubs

While you may feel like you have a handle on your lawn or gardens, an area of your landscape where you may be feeling a little lost is the one involving the trees and shrubs. Our Severn landscapers can answer any of your questions and handle the maintenance required to have healthy plants. Some Trees require much more upkeep than your normal landscaping tasks, equipment and require experience. To ensure that they’re being properly managed we offer tree and shrub care.

From promoting healthy growth with fertilization and pruning to combat issues with insect and disease control, our services cover every aspect of your plants’ lives. The last thing you need is a tree that turns into a potential hazard, which is why you need our Severn landscapers to handle the situation. Unlike a dead flower, unhealthy trees can be hazardous to your safety, which is why it’s so important that they’re always in their best condition and that you leave their upkeep to professionals. We know what needs to be done when and how to do it correctly. Pruning can ensure that they’re growing properly, while trimming removes dead limbs that could be threatening to the tree’s stability. When you work with us, your plants will be in good hands. You can rest assured your trees and shrubs will be both lively and well manicured. If your plants are in need of some extra TLC, then talk with one of our Severn landscapers. Free Quote  (410) 216-7825

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